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Aylmer Anderson brings newsroom discipline to corporations, giving you the ability to create and distribute great content. We call this a corporate newsroom. A corporate newsroom can supercharge your marketing, build trust with customers and grow new ways to talk to stakeholders and the wider community.

Content is at the heart of every organisation

Building and engaging your audience with authenticity and trust is essential to business success. But how can you ensure your content is effective, efficient and engaging? How can you ensure it's aligned with your strategy and tailored to your business? Your new corporate newsroom will unlock the content already in your organisation and revolutionise how you use content to support your business.


Ensure your organisation has the discipline and processes to create communications that are aligned with strategy, effective, up-to-date and honest. Minimise risk and maximise value. Use content to create consistency across your business. We put policies, workflows and practices in place to ensure content is consistent with your corporate strategy and that roles and responsibilities are clear and understood.


Understand content's role in the success of your organisation and why authenticity and transparency create trust and a willingness by customers to engage with your organisation. Identify your audience and understand what they want from you. Source content from within your organisation and create experiences that customers want. We develop strategies that maximise the effectiveness of content and allow a direct, regular conversation with customers and clients, independent of intermediaries.


Deliver on your corporate strategy by implementing media best-practice that creates engaging content, establishes efficient workflows and distributes in a timely and optimal fashion. Create feedback loops that inform the content planning process. We engage across your business to build and nurture content opportunities. A corporate newsroom delivers immediate results, stops the scramble for ideas and supports your strategy, sales and marketing efforts.

Pop-up Newsrooms

Attract delegates and deliver real-time content from your organisation's conferences and events for attendees, staff, customers and the wider community. We market your conference through content and provide trained journalists to create a daily wrap of presentations and discussions for distribution to your chosen audiences.

About us

With a background in Australia’s largest media companies, we know content.

Sean Aylmer is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected journalists. Sean was on the Senior Executive Team of ASX-listed Fairfax Media as Editorial Director, the most senior journalist in the Fairfax group, while running a P&L comprising The Australian Financial Review, The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald. Sean was previously an economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Simon Anderson was head of News Corporation’s Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph, Australia’s highest circulation newspaper, and was chief operating officer of The Australian Financial Review. He led the Fairfax team that designed and deployed the world’s first fully-integrated newsroom. Simon has worked in Hong Kong and London and holds degrees in Economics and Law from the University of Sydney.

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Effective content strategy starts with audience. Who are they? What do they want? And how do you want them to behave?

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Our programs are designed to quickly deliver action, stopping the scramble for content, delivering calm to the content team and immediate results for the business.

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With a background in Australia’s largest media companies, we know what effective content operations look like.